Become a Human Body Explorer

Become a Human Body Explorer 10.1

Developer Avanquest Software

Become a Human Body Explorer involves wacky games, body quizzes and experiments.


FitTrack 1.0

Developer Design und Develop

FitTrack is a Healthy Values Calculator for Weight, BMI & Body Composition.


DietOrganizer 3.1

Developer MulberrySoft

DietOrganizer is an easy-to-use calorie counter and diet diary.

Schlumberger Drilling and Measurements Training Simulation

Schlumberger Drilling and Measurements Training Simulation 1.0

Developer RealVue Simulation Technologies


Body Measurements

MB Free Body Mass Index

MB Free Body Mass Index 1.1


This is a simple health software which calculates the body mass index or BMI.

Body Tracker

Body Tracker 7.0

Developer Linear Software

Body Tracker can calculate, store, and display results.

Body Simulation for Anesthesia

Body Simulation for Anesthesia 2.9

Developer Advanced Simulation Corporation

Body Simulation is a software simulation of human physiology and pharmacology.

Pattern Master: Boutique

Pattern Master: Boutique 3.0

Developer Wild Ginger Software, Inc.

Draft patterns for, blouses, dresses, jackets, jumpsuits, pants, sheaths.

Cirrus Research Deaf Defier

Cirrus Research Deaf Defier 3.3

Developer Cirrus Research plc

Cirrus Research plc provides software with its Sound Level Meters.


Fatalyzer 1.0

Developer David Spelts Software

Fatalyzer will calculate your percentage of body fat based on various skinfold measurements.

Subliminal Body Sculpting

Subliminal Body Sculpting 1.2

Developer Norman Hooper

Subliminal Body Sculpting implants suggestions deep into your sub-conscious mind.


DesktopBFL 1.0

Developer Cellica Software Services

Body-for-LIFE involve activities like planning your next day exercise and meal.

Sensor Explorer

Sensor Explorer 1.1

Developer VectorNav

Sensor Explorer gives quick and easy access to the sensor's rich feature set.

Measurements Data Analysis Package

Measurements Data Analysis Package 2.0

Developer ALSTOM T&D Protection & Control Ltd


Body Measurements

Wallery - Beautiful Body

Wallery - Beautiful Body 1.0

Developer W3i, LLC

Beautiful Body by Wallery will bring the greatest beauty to your desktop.

Body Fat Calculator

Body Fat Calculator 1.0

Developer Asgard Capital, LLC

Determines body fat using tape measure or skin fold calipers.

SAM PuttLab

SAM PuttLab 10.0

Developer Science&Motion Sports

SAM PuttLab is an analysis system based on an accurate ultrasound measurements.

Body Balance Comfort Select

Body Balance Comfort Select 1.1

Developer Soehnle

It is an application which allows you to manage you weight measurements.

HRS Thickness Measurements Program (C:Program FilesHRS Thickness Measurements Program)

HRS Thickness Measurements Program (C:Program FilesHRS Thickness Measurements Program) 10.0

Developer Microsoft

PatternMaster Knits x5

PatternMaster Knits x5 5.0

Developer Wild Ginger Software, Inc.

PatternMaster software is for home sewing enthusiasts.

OSS Measurements IM Import

OSS Measurements IM Import 1.0

Developer Forsk

elat Application

elat Application 6.1

Developer Avaya

ELAT is designed to simulate VoIP calls in the customer's network.


EDU09 1.0

Developer Velleman nv

You can build your own oscilloscope and display measurements.

Zygote Body

Zygote Body 1.0

Developer Zygote Media Group, Inc.

ZygoteBody is a web application that renders 3D anatomical models of a body.

Micro-Measurements Application

Micro-Measurements Application 1.0

Developer Micro-Measurements